Training with steroids

Anabolic steroids are artificial substitutes for the human hormone testosterone, and in combination – the cornerstone of any program of pharmacological support for professional bodybuilders. Virtually no stage of pre-competitive training of athletes without professing “natural” bodybuilding can do without them.


These are not miracle pills or injections that allow you to make a champion out of nothing, but if used correctly, steroids can help to significantly improve results. Their reception causes:

acceleration of metabolic processes, better absorbed protein from food;
due to this – a quick set of muscle mass, the stage of supercompensation is more pronounced;
increase in strength, the reason – the accumulation of a greater amount of glycogen, fuel for intensive strength training in the muscles;
reducing the percentage of body fat during the drying phase;
improving mood, psychological readiness for serious stress.
But the artificial hormonal imbalance in the body without a trace does not pass for free:


not all athletes face them, but you cannot get away from increased aggressiveness;

all steroids to some extent have an androgenic effect, with their prolonged intake, the functions of the reproductive system are inhibited: the testes decrease, the quality and quantity of sperm deteriorates;
gynecomastia may occur – an increase in the mammary glands in men. This disease is treated only surgically, therefore, when the first signs appear – itching and burning in the nipple area, it is necessary to start taking estrogen-blocking drugs (Proviron, Nolvadex and others) or reduce the steroid dose;
Steroids cause sodium retention, respectively – the water in the body, so the muscles become as if inflated. This may be accompanied by swelling of the face;
a consequence of the previous effect of steroids is an increase in blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease;

The most desired muscle for any bodybuilder is of course the pectoral. For volume and relief, you need to use the entire set of exercises on the pectoral muscles in combination with sports nutrition and rest.
Very often, novice athletes pay all their attention to large groups of muscles, forgetting about the rest, in the end they get a not proportionally pumped body. How to work harmoniously forearm look here.
skin rashes are more characteristic of inexpensive steroids (Omnadren), but they are also found when taking quality drugs;

superactivity in the sexual sphere. This may seem like a plus, but in fact it’s rather stopping to live a normal life.

Therefore, the question of the need to take steroids every athlete decides for themselves independently. You should not start the first course from the first day in the hall. Experts recommend starting pharmacological support only after your body is 50% composed of muscles, and better when you gain the maximum natural mass for you.
There is also an age limit for taking steroids – if you start a course before the age of 21, your body may stop its development. Until this age, the body has a very high level of testosterone, so you can grow in mass without replenishment.