What is an anabolic steroid?

There are three main types: corticosteroids (intended for skin care); female hormones progestrogens and estrogens (used in contraceptives for women); androgens, or male sex hormones, in particular, testosterone (necessary for maintaining the health of the male reproductive system, as well as for muscle growth). By the way you may heard of some of steroids, for example Hucog

The chemical differences between different steroids are insignificant and, under certain conditions, the human body is able to produce another from one steroid.
Muscle Steroids
The main property of steroids is the increased metabolism in the body, the absorption of substances necessary for the construction of tissues. At the same time, anabolic substances weaken the reactions associated with the decomposition of organic complex chemical structures. First of all, steroids activate protein metabolism.

In addition, they stimulate the exchange of minerals in the body, delaying the phosphorus, sulfur and potassium required for protein synthesis, contribute to the delay in the bones of calcium compounds.

Most muscle steroids are derived from testosterone, and therefore they have a pronounced androgenic effect, acting as a male sex hormone, ensuring the formation of a muscular male type.
Scientists have recently identified the ability of steroids to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, that is, to improve lipid metabolism. However, some experiments, on the contrary, showed the development of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels during the use of anabolic substances.

When steroids are used by older people, there may be signs of rejuvenation. In young people, their body weight increases, but at the same time, the so-called growth zone closes, that is, the person stops growing. This feature of steroids is used in medicine for the treatment of pathologies associated with excessively tall growth.

The burning issue of using anabolic steroids is their effect on the liver. Researchers point to increased protein synthesis in the liver in people using AS. Steroids are sometimes prescribed to treat liver cirrhosis. The therapeutic effect in this case is pronounced, but in five percent of patients cholestatic hepatitis develops, which turns into jaundice.

How to use steroids?

Another side of the issue related to the ban on steroids: a real vow of silence about the benefits of these drugs. Scientists have long confirmed that steroids strengthen the immune system, are an indispensable element in the treatment of HIV.

The fact that steroids have many side effects is a fact, and many of the drugs on the list really deserve it. But to call the effects of the vast majority of steroids poisonous – impossible. At the global level, the side effects of steroids do not harm the body.

Best Plan For Muscle Growth

It so happened that many drugs that do not adversely affect the body are counted as doping, and, on the contrary, some harmful and even dangerous substances are freely sold in pharmacies.

Steroids are useless to prohibit: athletes have used them and will use them, but nothing can be done about it. The task of physicians, trainers and journalists is to help people figure out the question of the correct use of the AU, to protect them from mistakes.

For example, a common mistake is noncompliance with age contraindications in the use of steroids. People grow up to twenty-five years, the mechanism of this growth is known: cartilaginous areas, called germ zones, are converted into bone tissue. Steroids cause premature ossification of the cartilaginous zones, and the growth of bones in length stops. So the use of drugs at fourteen, sixteen years is highly undesirable.

In addition, taking steroids in adolescence, can lead to destabilization of the hormonal system.

The second common mistake – the excess dosages. To eliminate this error, we will give the correct dosages of the most popular steroid drugs in our country: phenobolin, methadrostenolone, silabolin, retabolil, methylandrostendiol.


Non-compliance with medical prescriptions and age indicators.
Excess dosage of steroids.
Unwillingness to follow the principles of course treatment (which causes drug dependence).
Inability to take care of the liver, “covering” it from the toxic effects of drugs.
Inadequate nutrition against the use of steroids.
Of course, all those who attend the “rocking” want a quick and high-quality increase in muscle mass. If you still decide to use steroids, do it wisely, reducing negative effects to a minimum.

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