Steroid Dieting

Steroid bodybuilding

In today’s issue we will talk about HOW TO EAT on the course (nutrition on the course of steroids). This is the second major factor in the successful use of anabolic steroids. In general, the diet is many times more important than any workouts, your possible progress will depend on the diet, and training is just the start of this process (future muscle growth). Accordingly, if there is a process launch (training), but there is no implementation of the process itself (power supply mode), then you will not get a shit no matter how hard you try.

By the way, who has not yet studied the material about the RIGHT TRAINING on the course and after its completion<= follow the link and study (this is very important, correct training is especially important after the course, in order to preserve muscle mass as much as possible).

The main nutritional recommendation for anabolic steroids is:


On the course (when you use) anabolic steroids, your metabolism is accelerated, your recovery opportunities between workouts are accelerated, your muscles grow much faster, this in turn means that you need more CALORIES from:

PROTEIN (building material)
Komprendo? I repeat, at the very beginning of the article, I said: training is just the launch of future muscle growth, and POWER is the realization of this muscle growth. And one without the other can not. And absolutely do not care that you use anabolic steroids (yes, of course, they accelerate and increase the process of this implementation), but without carbohydrates (energy) and without protein (building material) your progress simply becomes – IMPOSSIBLE.

I have already done nutrition issues many times. Why simply rewrite the same thing (losing my time, I do not know), I simply simply provide a link to the main article:

In that article, everything is clearly painted and shown, you just need to repeat (and if there is a desire to slightly modify for yourself).

Now we will note the main features (from that article):

Be sure to get an excess of kcal, for this you need to use the formula: WEIGHT (in kg) X 30 = …. Kcal (for example, 80 x 30 = 2400 kcal per day, this figure = the required number of calories to maintain your body weight UNISTANT in order to gain the mass must be added to it 500-1000 kcal total 2400 + 500 (or 1000) = 2900 (3400).

Fractional nutrition (we eat in small portions, but often (every 2 hours) in order to speed up your metabolism, you can go up to 10-12 meals per day, but more often it is enough for 6-8 meals).
We focus on CARBONS and PROTEINS, and vice versa, reduce the amount of fat in the diet. Carbohydrates mainly (many) go in the first half of the day, and eat more squirrels in the afternoon. As for fat, then its quantity is reduced, so that growth occurs at the expense of muscles, and not fat.


A very important point (I almost forgot). On the course of taking steroids, an increased amount of building material (PROTEIN) is required. The fact is that, on the course, your protein requirements are increasing. You need more building material (because the construction of the house is going at a high speed, and if there is no building materials, everything will slow down, the workers will not be able to do anything, they will wait for building materials). That is, if you do not receive the required amount of protein, then the growth of your muscles will slow down. Therefore, increase the number of protein more than 2 grams per kg of its own body weight.

For example, your weight is 80 kg. 80×2 = 160 grams of protein per day (THIS IS MINIMUM). It is possible and even necessary to increase more, reaching 4 grams of protein per kg of body weight (i.e. 80×4 = 320 grams). FROM this will not be worse. And even if it does, the extra protein will simply come out from you (sitting in the toilet), but if there is a shortage, then it’s worse for you (for growth has slowed). Therefore it is so important.

Also, do not forget about rest (sleep). Sleep should be at least 8 hours. And it is desirable to take another nap during the day (I know for myself, 1 hour of sleep during the day is 2-3 hours of sleep of the night, so try, I guarantee, you will not regret it). During rest, your muscles actually grow. Yes, yes, if someone else did not know this, discover America. Muscles do not grow during exercise (when you iron, they break down), but they grow during rest, i.e. after a workout and it went and only when the required amount of food (carbohydrates + proteins) was ingested.

Do you understand the essence? Training = launching future growth. And the launch of future growth = not possible without a diet, i.e. nutrients (carbohydrates + proteins + fats). And all this becomes useless if you do not rest (do not recover), and for example, thump in clubs, etc. As a result, overtraining (plateau), even with proper nutrition, and about any results and there can be no question. Perhaps now you understand why BODYBUILDING is, first of all, MODE. MODE TO ALL HEAD. AMEN. On this I am finishing my small release. I hope you were interested (in fact, I didn’t say anything new, but still). Until new meetings.