Effects of steroids

Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are pharmacological agents (artificial analogs) of the male sex hormone TESTOSTERONE and DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE.

By and large, these are male sex hormones that are very natural for the male body. They cause the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, i.e. responsible for sexuality, promote muscle growth by increasing protein (protein) synthesis in muscles (in other words, this process is called ANABOLISM) that is why these drugs that lead to rapid growth are called ANABOLICS, which is why they are so common in strength sports ( and not only).

The action of anabolic steroids is conditionally divided into two areas:

Anabolic activity
Androgenic activity
The word ANABOLIC (from Greek) means – ANABOLEIN in the translation “INCREASE”.

ANDROGENIC from the words “ANDROS” and “GANEIN” in the translation “MARRIAGE” or “MAKE A MAN”.
Other names (synonyms for anabolic steroids)
AU (abbreviation: anabolic steroids)
AAS (abbreviation: Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids)
Pharma (body slang)
Chemistry (slang in BB)
Anabolic Steroid Effects


Anabolic effect
Androgenic effect
Anabolic effects:

Strong gains in muscle mass (about 5-10 kg per month)
Increase strength
Increase stamina and body performance
Burning fat (enhance relief, reduce body fat)
The increase in the number of red blood cells
Bone Strengthening

Androgenic effects:

Atrophy of the testicles (this is a condition in which the testicles shrink in size, while reducing their function).

Prostate hypertrophy (this is a disease that is accompanied by an increase in the prostate gland due to the proliferation of its tissues, symptoms: it is difficult to urinate, urination time increases and in general you often want to piss (day and night).

Virilization. For those who do not know, this is the process of manifestation of male features (body type, male facial features, ovolozhenie, well-developed muscles, timbre of voice, etc.) these are properties for both men and women (in the case of hormones).

Masculinization. For those who do not know, this is the process of accumulation of secondary sexual characteristics of the male sex in a female (for example, the appearance on the body and face of a woman of a large amount of hair, coarseness of the voice, increase in muscle mass, other secondary male sexual characteristics, acne) , violations of the menstrual cycle, hair falls on the head, as well as the growth of hair on the body, face, pubic and clitoris enlargement, etc.

From this it can be understood that bodybuilding is prosecuted only ANABOIL EFFECTS! At the moment, unfortunately, all anabolics have pronounced androgenic effects. But scientists also lead the development of steroids that have low androgenic and pronounced anabolic effects (perhaps in the future, we will see this miracle).

Additional adnrogenic effects:

APPETITE gets stronger
Sexual desire increases
Losing feelings of fear and increasing feelings of confidence increases self-esteem.
Side effects of taking anabolic steroids

On the course:

Acne (acne)
Irritability, aggression and mood swings
Blood pressure increase
Libido increase (but after the course, as a rule, there is a sharp decline, and it becomes even lower than it was).
Fluid retention
Increased cholesterol (as a result of atherosclerosis)
Gynecomastia (only those anabolics that are converted into estrogens).
Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity)
Female virilization
Hair loss (very rare)
After the course:

Libido decreases (what I was talking about falls below the initial level)
Atrophy of the testes (when exceeding the dosage, and long courses).
By the way, getting used to it (I want to repeat the course again)

Decreased sperm production

In principle, almost all side effects can be reversed, with the exception of cases when the athlete abuses greatly (exceeds dosages, frequency of techniques, the duration of the course, in general, does not follow the instructions). Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between such concepts as “use” and “abuse”. Of course, if it is abused, there will be serious side effects (and it increases the risk of irreversible complications), so if you see on TV (as the media gives you), then be sure that this is exactly the case of abuse. For if a person follows instructions, then in 95% he will have no complications.

Fighting side effects or how to prevent side effects?
Steroids are not recommended for people under the age of 22-25.
Women generally can not take anabolics.
Do not exceed recommended dosages.
You can not increase the duration of the course
It is impossible to combine drugs, if it is not provided by the course.

It is imperative to conduct a PCT course (PCT) after-course therapy – this allows Letting you reduce or even prevent many side effects. Anabolics and bodybuilding AS can be used in the BB in order to increase muscle mass and strength. As well as in order to preserve the muscle mass during drying, work on the relief, as well as the AU contribute to the performance of training (because it increases stamina, strength). If your goal is to gain muscle mass and strength, then it is also important for you to adhere to: Proper nutrition for gaining muscle mass and strength. Proper training for gaining muscle mass. If you wish to use: a complex of sports nutrition for increasing muscle mass.